My Botanist.

Balboa Park Botanical Garden

Balboa Park
Botanical Garden

Ever since I became a mama, my curiosity grew, and so has my fascination with plants and flowers.  Part of it is because I am asked these questions on the daily, “What is that? Why does it look like that? How does it do that? etc…” by my daughter.  And sometimes I know the answer, but most of the time, we’re searching for them together.

There is a very large botanical garden at Balboa Park, in front of the iconic lily pond full of Koi fish and turtles.  It was built for the 1915-16 Panama-California Exposition [the reason why Balboa Park was built], and apparently it is one of the largest lath structures in the world.  It is quite an incredibly sight.

I spent a lot of my childhood in my grandma’s garden on the North Shore of Oahu.  She grows her own orchids, ferns, fruit trees, vegetables, roses… and more.  I know that if she ever visited San Diego, she would fall in love with this park in a heartbeat.  The entrance to this botanical garden is vibrant of the most perfect orchids, and it all reminds me of my ‘small grandma‘.  Kindred spirits.


These pink bromeliads are paralyzing. Its radiant tropical colors in contrast with its green leaves. I couldn’t help, but mentally draw a print of this on a breezy summer spaghetti strap dress sweeping the floor.

Color attraction

Color attraction

koi fish in the lily pond

koi fish in the lily pond

That is “Marigold,”  the very yellow-orange medium sized fish in the pond.



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