This kind of weather inspires me a lot!

The afternoon sky was an eerie shade of grey as I walked out of the house on the first Tuesday of 2016. The clouds were ready to weep over San Diego as I drove to a nearby Starbucks to organize my brain of thoughts–some creative and some of mundane tasks. Then there were those flashback of memories of 2015 that began to pour in my mind like the rain that flooded the streets. Everyone’s cell phones around me alerted an emergency flash flood-including my own- and we all took a moment to silence the obnoxious beeping. The man sitting on the table next to me announced how he had never seen such a thing before; neither have I. The rain started as small droplets and quickly grown 3 times in size. A river of water filled up the street and the gutters could not keep up. The sidewalk was under a foot-or-so of water. I kept looking out of the window to see if I could see my car and the man next to me said, “Doesn’t look like you’ll be able to go anywhere for awhile.” Fine with me. My husband took the kids to the museum and I had planned to spend some time in the coffee shop for a few hours. I love the rain and the stormy skies because it inspires me creatively. We haven’t had much of a winter in the past couple years and January was already making up for it all.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.27.51 PM

It’s hard to believe that it is January of 2016. If I could share of all the memorable events that happened in 2015, it would be a breath full. It would take me forever to write a blog entry that summarized this past year because not only am I a scatter brain, I’m also not a quick writer and my own self~critic. Sometimes I’ll write a draft, read it over, and then delete it. So instead of a writing some inspiration blog post of my intentions for this year, I decided to compile a list of all the links to tutorials I used in 2015. It turned out to be a DIY year for me!

I’m slowly learning how to document my projects and am realizing that it takes a great deal of patience since it lengthens the entire process of production. I’d say that majority of the crafts I do are pretty self~explanatory or it was inspired by another tutorial [follow the link to see the step-by-step]. Below, I have listed all of the DIY projects I did- my husband helped with the home & decor- in 2015 and will update this list with patterns and my own tutorials when I get a chance!

Without further ado…

DIY Baby Bloomers by See Kate Sew
DIY Bassinet Lining [sorry, no tutorial, but I’ll try to find one]
DIY Baby Bibs by Purl Soho
DIY Jessica Brown Rag Doll by Jess Brown

Knitwear & Crochet:
DIY Baby Bonnet by CrochetLatte
DIY Knitted Bon Hiver Baby Beanie [pattern coming soon]
DIY Knitted Aire-Sur-La-Lys Scarf [pattern coming soon]
DIY Crochet “Hexagon Market Bag” by Lion’s Brand [register to access FREE pattern]
DIY Knitted Baby Booties [More Last~Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson]

DIY Friendship Necklaces & Bracelets [tutorial coming soon]

DIY Baby Shower Water Color Invitations [coming soon]
DIY LAST MINUTE Christmas Cards [coming soon, never fails for any occasion]
DIY Our “30” Birthday Piñata

Home & Decor:
DIY Coat Rack [coming soon]
DIY Hanging Jewelry Rack [coming soon]
DIY refurbish furniture [coming soon…how to Craigslist if you’ve never done it]

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DIY Loom by Honestly WTF
DIY Better than salt dough ornaments
DIY refurbish old ornaments [coming soon]
DIY pinecones and acorn ornaments [coming soon]
DIY Tissue Paper Roses by Lia Griffith
DIY Christmas Stockings [coming soon]
DIY Paper Garlands [coming soon]

I have also compiled a list of my DAILY READS that can be found in the menu list to the left and will also add my library of my favorite books that I have used over the years!