Our Secret Place.

Evie running up the staircase to get to her class on time. Poloroid : She carries her mini-tumbler full of cold water.

“Second star to the right, and straight on till morning!” – Peter Pan

Five minutes before class begins, and we arrive.  She holds her tumbler full of water and soars up the flight of stairs in those adorable ballet Robeez, her hair tightly braided and bobby-pinned into a bun, as I follow behind her staring at her Peter Pan jacket– I silently think to myself….

“Never Grow Up.”
-Peter Pan

These toddler times are so precious, those infant stages like a blink of an eye.  I adore her run that doesn’t fully stride, her skip and spins– imperfect, her lion claws so graceless, her curtsy– unbalanced.  Everything about her little body is so darling, that I cannot help but daily capture her essence.

As I await for her class to end, I sit in our secret nook, undiscovered by those who never explore this marvelous place.  I have begun to read a book that was recommended by my Elliot, of which he has never read, but I take his word for it.  Every book of his was collected or given to him, therefore, I take its spot on our shelf a sign of good review.

The Pursuit of Holiness By Jerry Bridges

“The Pursuit of Holiness”
By Jerry Bridges

Our secret place.

Our secret place.

Dreaming up a Hopeful Home

Dreaming up a Hopeful Home

Inspiring Textiles

Inspiring Pavements

1x1 Basket Weave in Bricks

1×1 Basket Weave in Bricks


Like Mama, Like Daughter.

Evie measuring how big her feet is next to mine.


I find most of my inspiration for design in this park, and even my escape to another country.  It is my France; Le Louvre.  If we ever designed and built our own house, it may have much of Balboa influence.  I thank Kate Sessions, for dreaming landscapes of which my mind could never dream of.  She is the brilliant mind behind all the flowers and trees that grow in this park.  I have fallen head over heels in love with this place after almost two years of living in San Diego.  Everything inspires me here: the architecture, botanicals, museums, trails, history, and the memories we have made here as a family.  We have even named the fish in the pond.



6 thoughts on “Our Secret Place.

    • You are too kind! Thank you so much… this is very encouraging and these comments mean a lot to me.

      Hope you have a wonderful day with your family! It is perfectly overcast here in San Diego, which is a blessing due to the intense heat wave we had this past week… so we are going to try to enjoy these clouds while they last!


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