ANTHRO | Metamorphosis

“It is awe-inspiring to think that the monarch butterfly, a species so small and humble, lays claim to one of nature’s greatest spectacles. And yet, their annual migration is considered just that—an age-old phenomenon of epic proportions and, as recent decades have shown, increasing peril due to their declining population. That’s why this Earth Day, we are paying tribute to the monarchs in our store windows, now home to swarms of handmade orange-and-black butterflies…” + Anthropologie


p.s. Earth Day is on Tuesday, April 22nd!


A Painting For Suzi J.


A Painting for Suzi J. Illustration by JSK Medium: Watercolor

Earlier this year I did a painting for my dear friend/photographer, Suzi Jacobs, in exchange for taking our family portraits. My husband and I were extremely grateful for this trade because her photos are timeless.  I rarely get a chance to see what becomes of my art or creations after it’s shipped off!  Below is a picture that Suzi took of her lovely reading corner in her home-sweet-home:

Photo taken via Suzi's Instagram

Photo courtesy of Suzi | via Instagram #DarlingWeekend


APRIL FIRST | Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt in Vogue April 2014 by JSK

Emily Blunt + Christy Rilling Studio in Vogue April 2014 by JSK

I received my April Vogue issue in my mailbox yesterday.  I flipped to this photo of Emily Blunt and read her lovely article on pregnancy and taking on motherhood. I wish it had been this photo of her glowing pregnant belly to have graced the cover of our birthday month.  I get to celebrate the 13th with my twin sister, Jaymi Britten; and our adopted triplet, April W. (friend for over 12 years + Tini-Manini boutique owner)!