Morning On The Prado

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

I felt the first chill of fall on El Prado sitting at this round table, while munching on the top of a blueberry muffin and sipping a cup of hot coffee from Daniel’s Coffee Cart; such tasty treats.  I am thrilled for more days like these which inspire creativity through the cold atmosphere and calls for mandatory morning coffee-&-conversations with my girlfriends.  I soak in this solo hour to treasure and watch this place come to life one minute after the next.

We recently returned from our week long one-year anniversary family road trip (Sept 18th – 25th) exploring the central west coast of southern California; just the three of us.  It was a tiresome morning the day after driving from Monterey Bay back down to San Diego in one day.  I am convinced that I love a life so peaceful as the days we spent together this past week on the road.  Life is so simple and at ease in the quaint and cozy towns we stayed in, so peaceful and where one would never find a child unamused.

“Slow down everyone you’re moving too fast
Frames can’t catch you when you’re moving like that.”
Jack Johnson

I have much desire to share some pictures of the road, but before I do, it is my goal to make our first family photo album of our family road trip before this week ends.   I sure want it in my hands, instead of archived in my external drive like the rest of our photos have been over the years.



Heart Specs | Look How They Shine For You

DIY Gold & Glittered Heart Specs

DIY Gold & Glittered Heart Specs

When you think of the seasons of fall and winter, you most likely edit out the pastels and spring hues.  White may stay, but it looks better as faux fur or frosted beads, and gold isn’t just plain gold, its glittered gold.  Some garments and accessories can be carried from one season to the next, and Evie’s heart specs are one of them.  However, they needed a little bit of a seasonal update.

Last week, Evie saw gold-rimmed sunglasses at the store and she really wanted them.  I explained to her that she already had glasses at home and didn’t need another pair unless those all broke.  She made a frown, and this is usually the moment when you give in as a mama.  However, her frowns inspire new crafts and challenge me to make something even better and personalized than something she can buy.  I brought up the idea of painting one of her sunglasses at home a color she would rather have them, and even glittering them!  She wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea…

But Monday afternoon, I took out the materials to glitter her specs and set them on the table.  Evie stood behind me in curiosity.  As I opened the glitter, she got really excited and said, “This is going to be beautiful!!!”  I wasn’t quite sure if the glitter would hold with the decoupage glue and if it would matte the gold instead of dry transparent.  After three layers of fine gold glitter around the entire frame, it looked like a pair of brand new golden specs!

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”
Audrey Hepburn

10 September 2013

10 September 2013


A Golden Heart Child
Heart Sunglasses
Paint Brush
Jar of Water

Gold Extra Fine Glitter
I used Recollections

Decoupage Glue
I used  Ranger Inkssentials Glue N’Seal with Gloss Finish

*These are materials that I normally have for crafting and projects.  One tip that I can give is to take advantage of Michael’s coupons and make purchases on separate visits to be able to get at least 40% off of an item or even 20-40% off of your entire purchase.*


1.  Take out plastic lenses.  Make sure that there is a piece of paper underneath when applying layers of glitter.  This is so that in the end, you can carefully fold the paper and pour the glitter that falls off of the glasses back into your glitter canister.

2.  Dip your paintbrush into the water to moisten the bristles, then dip it into the glue and paint a thin and smooth coat on on the frame of the glasses.  The glue dries quickly– you will want to a small section, rather than a whole coat at once.  Work your way around the entire frame (or front of the frame if this is the only area you want glitter on) applying glue and sprinkling glitter.

3.  Let the first coat of glitter dry.  Do steps 2-3 until you are satisfied with the amount of glitter.  I did about 3 coats around the entire frame to cover up the pink.  Be sure to clean your brush between coats so that the glue does not harden on the bristles.

4.  Apply a thin and smooth coat of decoupage glue over the last layer of glitter so that it is sealed and does not come off.

Inspiration | Moschino Spring Ready-To-Wear 20016  Heart Sunglasses

Heart Sunglasses Inspiration
Moschino Spring Ready-To-Wear 2006
Photo Source :



Bib Necklace Inspiration Source: Unknown

Bib Necklace Inspiration
Photo Source: Unknown

“The things you fear are undefeatable
not by their nature
but by your approach”

04 September 2013 Evie wanted to show her Auntie Jaymi the necklace that she made.

04 September 2013
Evie wanted to show her Auntie Jaymi the necklace that she made.

My daughter loves puzzles, patterns and building things in symmetrical structures.  Teaching her how to make her necklace look symmetrical and having all the gems fit like a puzzle on the felt didn’t take long.  She wasn’t sure how this would end up into a necklace, but I told her that I would finish it when she woke up from her nap.  I left the final product tied around the neck of her pink pony.  When she awoke, she saw her pony wearing her necklace, and smiled. “Aww… my pony is wearing my necklace!!!”

She wore her necklace to dinner on Labor Day, and seeing it on her made me proud to know that she designed her own jewelry.  I would have never thought that all those pink gems would make the emerald and amber ones pop out so perfectly.  Believe me when I say that I did tell her, “Perhaps you should try to use some other colors…?”  She responded with, “Umm… its okay mommy, I just want all the pink ones.


“A style of necklace that mimics a baby’s bib, with a thick section on the chest and a thin cord going around the back of the neck.”

A creative child
Hard Paper to make a template
Glue Gun

Beads (Optional)
Ribbon (Satin)



1.  Fold paper in half (I used the thick back cover of an old magazine), and draw your own template on the fold.  Cut template out.  This is where you can make adjustments if you don’t like the shape of your template.

2.  Fold felt in half, and place template (on fold) on felt fold.  Cut felt out.

3.  Design the layout of the gems on top of felt. Take a picture of it just in case it falls off (mine did) as I was taking it to the glue gun.

4.  Carefully glue each gem onto felt.  It helps to align the holes of the gems so they are in a place that can easily be threaded from one gem to the next.

5.  Secure each gem by threading each one into the pre-drilled holes.  You will want to start from underneath threading up into a hole, and coming back down through the felt for each hole.

6.  *OPTIONAL*  I hand-sewed each tiny black bead individually to cover up the felt to make it look more elaborate and less like a Sunday school project so that she could wear it to parties and not just for fun.  This will take up a couple hours of your time if you have that to spare.  I did this all during Evie’s nap time.

7.  I used black ribbon (cut 2) and hand-sewed it to the edges of the final product.

Miraslava Duma Russian Bazzar Editor

Stylist | Miraslava Duma
Former Harper’s Bazaar Russia Editor
Photo Source : Unknown


A Pocket For Mousey.

Pattern : McCall's M6274/CCE Style A

Polka Dot Shirt : Sewn by Me

My dear friend Nancy-Josephine and her husband Patrick made the move to Goleta in Santa Barbara this past weekend.  We spent our Thursday evening gathered with friends in their humble cottage tucked away in Old Town.  Nancy had a bag full of clothing and holiday decor that she was giving away.  I coveted a knitted black turtleneck sweater that I am o so eager to throw on when the weather drops.  Evie adopted a stuffed mouse, now going by the name of “Mousey.” She is fond of little creatures, and once she gives them a name, it becomes a part of the family.

31 August 31 Morning Dots at Balboa Park

31 August 31 Morning Dots at Balboa Park

Evie’s hair is getting very long, and I have been growing her bangs out so it can be pulled back for ballet.  When daddy undoes her braids and buns at the end of the day, he likes to say, “Bobby lives in your hair!”  (meaning: why do you have a dozen bobby-pins in your hair?)  I never quite understood why they make brown bobby-pins, until I had a daughter with brown hair, and then it made a lot of sense.  We have our own tiny jars in the bathroom; one full of Bobby Blacks, and one full of Bobby Browns.  Bobby has been serving his purpose during this unbearable heat-wave, and we never leave the house without a troop of him standing by.


Gathered at the sleeve

Despite the temperature rising as we near the end of Summer, my thoughts have already moved on to fall and winter projects.  I imagined our fall full of dots, and it hasn’t been easy looking for a polka dot knit.  Evie loves polka dots, and I think it’s because of Minnie Mouse.  It couldn’t have been more ironic that on this day she had Mousey.

The woman at the fabric store told me that these polka dots just came in and I may have been one of the first to buy a yard of it!  I was tempted to buy the white dots, but Evie preferred the black dots… of course it was the better choice.  When I made this shirt this past Friday, we were on our way to Auntie Bee’s surprise birthday party at Mission Bay.  She had just awoke from her nap and I had just finished modifying the stitches at the hem.  Her eyes widened when she saw her new polka dot shirt with a big patch pocket on the front.  She immediately gathered 1. A painted wooden duck that daddy gave which he got from Korea 2. Lip gloss — and dropped them into her pocket.  Her head would nod down every few minutes to make sure that they were right there where she put them.  Patch pockets are quite simple to make, and I will have to add them to several more of her shirts because of her affection for holding her treasures close to her heart.

Modified Hem Line + Tuck & Button Tab

Modified Hem Line + Tuck & Button Tab

A Pocket For Mousey

A Pocket For Mousey

A little girl fond of little creatures + A Mouse
Sewing Machine
Paper Scissors & Sheers
Tissue Paper, Straight + Curved Rulers, Pencil (to trace out pattern)

Two 1/2″ Buttons (I used silver stud shank buttons)

$1 McCall’s M6274/CCE Style A
*Bottom hem manipulated by me
Discount Fabrics

Polka Dots (I bought 1 yard, but you end up using less)
Discount Fabrics

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