Her First Capezio’s.

Baby Capezio's Media : Pencil & Watercolor

Baby Capezio’s
Media : Pencil & Watercolor
L-R : Evie trying on her first leotard, In the studio, Baby Capezio’s

I wander around searching for a place to sit and wait for my little one to finish her ballet class.  The morning air is fresh, the grass is full of dew, birds are chirping, and the sun has begun to light up the east side of each building.  I find a table and chair underneath an umbrella, one of many scattered around the recently enclosed parking lot, which now is a big open space; I love it.

Morning on the Prado

Morning on the Prado

So many things distract me from the very thing I want to do.  I blame the combination of motherhood + creative genes… this mind just can’t be still.  It always takes a moment of focus to even turn the page to where I left off in my current book [The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges].  Its chilly on the Prado, and I begin to wish I had brought a sweater.  I thankfully have my tumbler filled with a fresh brew of coffee which should keep my insides warm until the sun delivers its afternoon heat.  My thoughts are fixed on how this would be a perfect time that my husband and I could spare with one another.  He has been on a trip over the last couple of weeks, and we shortly await his return.

On Pointe Media : Tablet in Photoshop By JSK Keep Calm Source : Unknown

On Pointe
Media : Tablet in Photoshop
Keep Calm Source : Unknown

One thing on my mind is drawing and painting pieces for my home.  There are some significant things that I hope to someday begin to sketch out, and Evie’s first pair of ballet slippers was one of them.  I finally managed to unleash this urge to draw, and Evie sat beside me doing a painting of her own– she loves to paint “Sunny Days.”  I am still continually learning how to paint, and I haven’t yet took even a day to find the patience to learn the basic fundaments of paint brushes and mixing colors.

Needless to say, the painting of her first “DaisyCapezio ballet slippers is close to completion.  It isn’t quite how I preferred it to look.  I ended up painting the background black after I took the photo of it being grey, and I truly wish I had stopped at the grey.  Evie also agreed in the final critique.


Post-Ballet Sucre!
El Prado, Balboa Park



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