A Painting For Suzi J.


A Painting for Suzi J. Illustration by JSK Medium: Watercolor

Earlier this year I did a painting for my dear friend/photographer, Suzi Jacobs, in exchange for taking our family portraits. My husband and I were extremely grateful for this trade because her photos are timeless.  I rarely get a chance to see what becomes of my art or creations after it’s shipped off!  Below is a picture that Suzi took of her lovely reading corner in her home-sweet-home:

Photo taken via Suzi's Instagram

Photo courtesy of Suzi | via Instagram #DarlingWeekend



Bonne Année! Mes Résolutions 2014



New Years Eve 2013 | Instagram: jenasommerkim

Pourquoi Française? Why French?

Red Berlitz Basic French Dictionary I found at a book sale a year or so ago

Red Berlitz Basic French Dictionary I found at a book sale

Every year follows after a moment of reflection of the last.  2013 came and went in a blink of an eye.  Ma liste de résolutions seem to be the same almost every year.  It is composed of new languages (French & Hebrew), writing, reading new books, greater wisdom, godly parenting, journaling, better health, new illustrations — altogether being more intentional in everything about life from waking up earlier to not missing a birthday.

So…. Why French?

Sabrina 1954

Sabrina 1954

“Oh, but Paris isn’t for changing planes, it’s… it’s for changing your outlook, for… for throwing open the windows and letting in… letting in la vie en rose.”
~ Sabrina Fairchild (Audrey Hepburn)

The French language is beautiful.  I’ve learned a little over the years by watching French films (La Fille du Puisatier 2011 is one of my current favorites), listening to French songs, and browsing through French magazines.  Paris Vogue is one of the most visually inspiring publications that excites me in design due to its typography, design, and content.  My website is inspired by Paris Vogue, particularly the April 2006 Issue, which I remember it sparking a spontaneity to consider studying abroad for fashion.  It didn’t happen, but hopefully my family and I will get to travel to Europe someday.

Paris Vogue April 2006

Paris Vogue April 2006

Paris is the epicenter of haute couture, and like any other fashion student, it will always be a dream to travel to France.  I imagine myself visiting all the museums, sketching architecture and street & runway fashion.  As the saying goes, “the French do it better,”  even in parenting (Bringing Up Bébé).  I personally want to see the countryside of France, and wander through Chateau’s, run through fields of wild flowers, and visit textile shops and couture workrooms!  Of course I want to speak French if I go to France.  And even if we don’t ever have the opportunity to travel, at least I can finally watch a French film without sub-titles.

Back to the reality of life in California and where I left off in November:

07 January 2014 Watercolor of Russian Model/Artist Sasha Pivovarova

07 January 2014 Watercolor of Russian Model/Artist Sasha Pivovarova

Since November (the last time I updated my blog), my days have been somewhat preoccupied with random projects for others and spending most of December with our families in Hawaii.  I’m terrible at prioritizing and I don’t like to-do lists, so the beginning of the year can be quite overwhelming for me.  So while most people are making lists, I’m trying to avoid them.  My husband functions extremely well with a notepad and an on going list of things to-do, and I just wish it were the same for me too.  I was just happy to start the New Year with optimism and a new love for watercolor pencils!!!  My mother gave Evie a set of 8 watercolor pencils and we tried it out for the first time together.  It was a magical moment when I showed Evie how we can draw with pencils, and go over it with a paintbrush and water.  We went to the park and I packed her pencils, a jar of water, and paper– all I can say is that there will be more to come of illustrations made with these pencils, indeed!


Happy Independence Day, America!

American Girl Media : Pencil & Watercolor

American Girl
Media : Pencil & Watercolor

I woke up yesterday morning to an empty house, silent and still.  I laid in bed unraveling my ideas and thoughts of this moment of solo time to spare.  Unsure of how long my daughter and husband would be out, rather than wasting any time in ‘thoughts‘ of doing something, I jumped out of bed to do something.  Knowing they went on an early morning hike together, it would mean I had a few hours alone, and I could either move really slow and savor the leisure time, or…!  I quickly (literally ran) gathered my pencils, paint brushes, cheap watercolors, a blank page of watercolor paper, a small jar of water, a napkin, painters tape to tape my page onto a piece of cardboard, inspiration, and brewed a cup of coffee.  I sharpen a pencil, pour myself a cup of a Del Mar brew, and sketch… and thankfully, I found myself in a zone where there is no measure of time; no restraint.

Flashback : 4th of July 2012 Evie at Balboa Park  Spanish Village

Flashback : 4th of July 2012
Evie at Balboa Park
Spanish Village

It is a blessed day in America, full of celebration and fellowship.  This is what everyday should be like, thankful that we live in this amazing country and so proud to be American.  Home of the brave and land of the free.

We spent the afternoon with friends and their church at Cadman park in Clairemont.  I love community festivities, and the patriotism of red, white, blue, broad stripes and bright stars everywhere.  We made some new friends, and Evie made some new friends of her own too!  I love watching the interaction of children at playgrounds… they have nothing else on their mind except– “lets be friends, and let’s play right now!

Later in the evening, I took Evie up to Presidio Park to watch the gorgeous firework show above San Diego Bay.   I didn’t tell her where we were going, and when we reached the top said, “I wonder why there are so many people and what are they doing up here?”  As I was trying to find a parking spot, I told her to look out into the distance, and she squealed in excitement as the first fireworks of the night lit up the entire sky in color.

We finally squeezed into a parking spot, and hurried up to the hillside.  It was gorgeous and memorable.  Earlier in the day I had explained to Evie about Independence Day.  So as I carried her in my arms to watch the fireworks together at my height, she says in my ear,

Let’s thank God for making our country free…

so we closed our eyes, and she begins to pray out loud while strangers around us are watching fireworks in silence.  My four year old has quite a loud speaking voice, and I was sure that those who stood a few feet away from us heard two things:  fireworks and Evie’s heart of thankfulness,

“Thank you God for making our country free, and that we can watch fireworks every, sometimes, and we can watch fireworks because you made our country free…thank you God, in Jesus name, AMEN!”

It is one thing to bring children to see something fun to watch because of the spirit of the holiday, but it is even more profound knowing that they celebrate it from deep down in their hearts because they know its significance.  God bless the children!