A Painting For Suzi J.


A Painting for Suzi J. Illustration by JSK Medium: Watercolor

Earlier this year I did a painting for my dear friend/photographer, Suzi Jacobs, in exchange for taking our family portraits. My husband and I were extremely grateful for this trade because her photos are timeless.  I rarely get a chance to see what becomes of my art or creations after it’s shipped off!  Below is a picture that Suzi took of her lovely reading corner in her home-sweet-home:

Photo taken via Suzi's Instagram

Photo courtesy of Suzi | via Instagram #DarlingWeekend



Queen Soule

Jenny Puglia's Bridal Shower Invitation Illustration by Jena Sommer Kim Invitations by Seasons Of Brittan

Jenny Puglia’s Bridal Shower Invitation
Illustration by Jena Sommer Kim
Invitations by Seasons Of Brittan

On Saturday, June 15th, we celebrated my dearest friend Jenny, in British style. She will be wed to her fiancé, Dave Soulé, in July. Her maid of honor and best friend, Brittan van Beuge, throws outstanding themed parties– there are truly no words to describe this woman’s heart and soul for what seems effortless in making an occasion so memorable. She has a gift.

So when Brittan asked me if I would do an illustration of Jenny for her bridal shower invitations, I was very excited. She sent me a picture of Jenny, and an assortment of Queen Elizabeth’s royal jewelry and crown to dress her up in. Drawing someone that I know personally gives me a joy unlike drawing people whom I don’t ever see face-to-face. Studying the face of a friend before I begin my sketch, always ends in the discovery and fascination of their unique attributes which form their exquisite identity. Jenny is a natural beauty on the outside, but she is also a loyal friend, sincere, sweet, and truly beautiful on the inside. It is amazing how our Creator has designed every single one of us to be unique in physical beauty and personality.

When I walked into the van Beuge Manor and saw Jenny sitting on the sofa, I felt like my drawing came to life. I couldn’t imagine her being even more gorgeous than what she looked like on this evening. Jenny wore her sisters’ sequined mermaid silhouette prom dress, found a necklace in her jewelery collection, and Brittan found the perfect crown of adornment– which seemed to all be an uncanning resemblance to my “Queen Soulé“.

Jenny Puglia at the van Beuge Manor

Jenny Puglia at the van Beuge Manor sitting between her cousins and younger sister, Shelley.

Jenny takes off her sandals to stand next to 5'1" me.

Jenny takes off her sandals to stand next to 5’1″ me.
British soldiers painted by Megan van Beuge & her friend.

French Macarons

macarons français sont mes préférés!

061513 Instagrams of Jenny's Bridal Shower