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DIY Gold & Glittered Heart Specs

DIY Gold & Glittered Heart Specs

When you think of the seasons of fall and winter, you most likely edit out the pastels and spring hues.  White may stay, but it looks better as faux fur or frosted beads, and gold isn’t just plain gold, its glittered gold.  Some garments and accessories can be carried from one season to the next, and Evie’s heart specs are one of them.  However, they needed a little bit of a seasonal update.

Last week, Evie saw gold-rimmed sunglasses at the store and she really wanted them.  I explained to her that she already had glasses at home and didn’t need another pair unless those all broke.  She made a frown, and this is usually the moment when you give in as a mama.  However, her frowns inspire new crafts and challenge me to make something even better and personalized than something she can buy.  I brought up the idea of painting one of her sunglasses at home a color she would rather have them, and even glittering them!  She wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea…

But Monday afternoon, I took out the materials to glitter her specs and set them on the table.  Evie stood behind me in curiosity.  As I opened the glitter, she got really excited and said, “This is going to be beautiful!!!”  I wasn’t quite sure if the glitter would hold with the decoupage glue and if it would matte the gold instead of dry transparent.  After three layers of fine gold glitter around the entire frame, it looked like a pair of brand new golden specs!

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”
Audrey Hepburn

10 September 2013

10 September 2013


A Golden Heart Child
Heart Sunglasses
Paint Brush
Jar of Water

Gold Extra Fine Glitter
I used Recollections

Decoupage Glue
I used  Ranger Inkssentials Glue N’Seal with Gloss Finish

*These are materials that I normally have for crafting and projects.  One tip that I can give is to take advantage of Michael’s coupons and make purchases on separate visits to be able to get at least 40% off of an item or even 20-40% off of your entire purchase.*


1.  Take out plastic lenses.  Make sure that there is a piece of paper underneath when applying layers of glitter.  This is so that in the end, you can carefully fold the paper and pour the glitter that falls off of the glasses back into your glitter canister.

2.  Dip your paintbrush into the water to moisten the bristles, then dip it into the glue and paint a thin and smooth coat on on the frame of the glasses.  The glue dries quickly– you will want to a small section, rather than a whole coat at once.  Work your way around the entire frame (or front of the frame if this is the only area you want glitter on) applying glue and sprinkling glitter.

3.  Let the first coat of glitter dry.  Do steps 2-3 until you are satisfied with the amount of glitter.  I did about 3 coats around the entire frame to cover up the pink.  Be sure to clean your brush between coats so that the glue does not harden on the bristles.

4.  Apply a thin and smooth coat of decoupage glue over the last layer of glitter so that it is sealed and does not come off.

Inspiration | Moschino Spring Ready-To-Wear 20016  Heart Sunglasses

Heart Sunglasses Inspiration
Moschino Spring Ready-To-Wear 2006
Photo Source : Style.com