La Vie En Rose.

17 January 2014 Rose by JSK

17 January 2014 Rose Illustration by JSK

La vie en…
Rose Byrne on the red carpet in Calvin Klein’s pale pink simple and daring mid-drift dress at the 2014 Emmy’s.

Ms. Bryne has been one of my favorite actresses since Wicker Park (2004).



2 thoughts on “La Vie En Rose.

  1. Beautiful illustrations in this and the last post! I’m about to embark on teaching myself fashion illustration, as an extension of my drawing/painting hobby, so it is nice to see how to do it properly! Bon chance avec toi français (excuse the mistakes – I haven’t done French since school, although my wife and I do watch many French movies, like you!)

    • Tim,
      Thank you! French films are the best and they are filled with so much inspiration. I especially love the costume in foreign films, especially since a lot of French movies are set in the mid-century. I hope the best for you in your illustrations!
      ~ Jena

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