How To Take Your Waist Measurement!

Forest green floral printed chiffon

How to measure your waistline for a full-Circle Skirt

Thursday morning, I decided to make Evie a full-circle skirt, similar to a skirt that I am actually wearing at this very moment, which I’ve wanted to duplicate for the past few years.  My sister bought me this high-waisted flower bud crêpe skirt for my birthday, and its the most versatile (casual and eventful) and complimenting thing next to a tee or a blouse.  I want this skirt in every color, print, and length.

I bought the last few yards of this beautiful chiffon earlier this Spring, which I found in the scraps of the Discount Fabric Store in Normal Heights off of Adams Avenue. However, Spring had come and gone, and my determination to make spring skirts for the both of us delayed. Then summer passed, and Autumn will arrive in about a month (and so will my one-year wedding anniversary!), and the thought of Fall inspired me to start making Evie new pieces to add to her very minimal winter wardrobe.  Once I told her that I needed to measure her for a new skirt I would be making for her, she got ecstatic and began to throw out her embellishing ideas– “We need to put some glitter on it!!!


Measuring the circumference of your waist:

You will need a cloth measuring tape, and not a hard plastic/metal one. Many people mistake their hips as where they should take their waist measurements.  Bending to one side will show you a crease that will form your natural waistline which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage. Evie is wearing a shirt just for the picture, but you don’t want to take measurements over your clothes. You want to make sure you don’t suck in your stomach because that can give you false measurements!  Wrap the measuring tape around your waistline and write this number down because you will then use that number to calculate the radius for your waistband!


 DIY Full-Circle Skirt Tutorial Coming Soon!



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